This painting depicts a nightmare I had about walking on the path to the beach at Meher Spiritual Center in Myrtle Beach. The dream told me a TRUTH about myself that was hard to swallow! This poem goes with the painting:
On the dirt road to the beach
at Meher Spiritual Center,
a faint sound up ahead,
growing in volume as I walk
until I recognize
mournful cries.
Rounding the bend,
distant white shapes
on a black background.
As I near, they become
four swans buried up to
their long, slim necks in mud,
struggling piteously
to free themselves!

Their heart-piercing shrieks
give voice to the pain
of all who suffer.
Frozen in my steps,
I watch them.
Who will free the swans?
Oh, who will free the swans?

[Note: The painting was done with cheap dimestore paint and has cracked over the years, which to me augments its power. I'll add here for anyone who does not know, that the swan...hamsa, in sanskrit...represents to Soul, which soars gracefully to God! So, you see the state of my soul in this dream! Life on this path ain't a walk in the park, as Baba said!]