This is a recent painting I called "Flow." Looking at it this morning I thought I might change the title to "He's Touched Your Perfect Body," quoting part of a line from Leonard Cohen's "Suzanne." Sometimes I contemplate paintings I've done, to see if they can be improved...or just to see. Here, the latter was the case. I'd love to be able to do whatever "I" did in this one! Instead of "trying to paint something," this one somehow for me EMBODIES the higher self, or A higher self!

It looks to me as though it was painted by an angelic hand. How do I incorporate THAT into future painting? Just practice "Being There" I guess! I've long maintained that it's not "the artist" who paints, but The Artist...the Higher Self, or God! And yet, the expression is filtered in a unique way. How Beautiful the whole scheme is! How it makes one long to BE that..