O beloved Higher Self:
You tell me “You and I
are not we but One.”

That makes me a continuum
with You on one end,
the ordinary self I know
on the other.

I sit and gaze
at Your Face.
Aloud I say,
“You are the Real me,
the Realized Self.
“I”, the non-realized self.”

Exhilarated and inspired
by Your Love at times,
I feel myself touching
beyond the very roof
of Heaven!

Other times I’m like a bear
waking from sleep,
emerging from his cave
still dreaming,
shadows all around,
thoughts crashing in confusion,
barely able to park them
in my head.

It’s then I pray,
“Grant me the strength to fight
the spiritual battle of this life!”

I take
the plunge
into the day.

At opportune moments
“allies” appear
to help me,

and after awhile—

The Sun glints
off my armor.
Relaxed, I take
the armor off
and once again,

just enjoy
the Sun.


(Painting: "When Separation Reaches Its Height, Union Follows", 1986)