Most Recent Work (2020)

" He's Touched Your Perfect Body" (2020)

"Mercy's Ladder" (2020)

This painting commemorates a certain period, when I left Myrtle Beach in mid-1997 after having lived there for six years, because I could not find a female partner, basically. I went back to St. Louis, my home town, and did my best to "do things to get my life together." I felt Meher Baba gave me, so to speak, a series of "steps" that became sort of like rungs on a ladder. All of this culminated, after a year, in my meeting Barbara, my wife of basically twenty years now. We connected on the "Baba-Talk" list-serv, began a friendship, gradually became very close, and after a year of visiting one another, I moved here to California, and we've been together ever since. There is a song by this title on my CD, Love's River.

"He Gave Me a Honeycake with Enough LOVE in It to Bring in a New Age Not Just for Me but for the Whole World!" (dream from the '80s, painted in 2020) 

"Dress Your Soul in BABA!" (2020) 

"Baba Face" (2020)

"I Saw a Pink Cloud Come Out of Baba's Picture and Go into My New Friend Ian, Whom I'd Recently Told About Baba and Who Was Visiting and Seeing What He Looked Like for the First Time!"

This painting recreates my room in a cheap hotel in Chinatown, San Francisco, in early 1979. It's around 3'x4'. I'm using titles occasionally these days to convey unusual essences that a viewer might not pick up right away just by looking.
Ian is looking at my "Baba Wall" in that room, which gave off AMAZING light, for me at least. ❤