Two Paintings from Our Baba-Artist Collection

Baba At Lagoon Cabin by Marla Faith

Samadhi by Susan White

Other Influences

"Open your eyes and your ears, and you're influenced!" -Bob Dylan

Below Are Paintings By Some Artists I Love

I haven't anywhere near time today (the day of my evening presentation) to make a page showing anywhere near a complete picture of my "influences!" Below are a single painting each by (in odrder) Marc Chagall; Henri Matisse; Gustav Klimpt; Odilon Redon; Paul Klee; and Henri Rousseau, all "famous" modernists! I could and perhaps someday will add dozens more, as well as many painters among my Meher Baba devotee companions. These were just the easiest to find.

I could have put in a photo of a hill I passed in my food-delivery drive to a pantry early this morning. I could have added the moon; the sun.

"Until I met Meher Baba, Beauty was my religion," the poet Francis Brabazon has said. Lyn Ott  said that until that moment of his experiencing Baba, Art itself was his religion!
Beauty is irresistable, and surely all beauty has a touch of divinity! Most of the works below feature a woman, or if not, these painters often did. It is natural for a man to find beauty in the feminine, in other words in the buried part of his own psyche, in his current incarnation. In a sense, as perhaps in the Redon painting of "Dante and Beatrice" below, the image of woman is somehow an image of the divine. Meher Baba tells us that when one has uncovered that buried half of him/herself, and made it conscious, then not all but most of duality has been transcended. 

We are drawn irresistable toward that which represents Beauty for us. Someday we will naturally and ecstatically see GOD directly as the Only Reality, period. Infinite Beauty!

Until that day, let us transcend our limits more and more, and yet still more!