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LOVE'S RIVER: song CD, (2020)
songs by Max Reif (plus one by Leonard Cohen and one w/words by Meher Baba [the Gujerati Arti in English] and melody by Max.
CD produced by Cliff Hackford.
1) Sweet Intoxication 
2) Meher, Lord of Every Realm  
3) 20th Century Boy 
4) If It Be Your Will (Leonard Cohen)
5)  The Humble Cleaner 
6)  Love's River 
7) Meher Baba Blues 
8)  Mercy's Ladder
9) Gujerati Arti (English translation) 
10) Villanelle for America 
Vocals, Harp and Guitar: Max Reif
Piano and Organ: Tim Oakes                            CD available from SHERIAR BOOKS
Bass: Al Payson                                             (email them, it's not on their website yet)  
Acoustic and Electric Guitars: John Ware        LOVE'S RIVER is also available DIGITALLY
Violin/Fiddle: Abigail Albaugh                      
Drums/Percussion: Cliff Hackford         Hear a sample track, "Sweet Intoxication", Free.         
Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Cliff Hackford, 

From a forthcoming GLOW International review by Kathy Roberts: "Max’s voice lends itself to the prayerful nature of the lyrics. This CD will evoke cowboys singing hymns in a world open to every possibility."


Journey from here to HERE
(poetry, 2013)

available for $10 USD (plus shipping) from Sheriar Books online store

A beautiful review by Eric Solibakke which was never published (before now!) 

Journey from here to HERE was put together in 2013. It was first offered for sale at Meher Baba's Asheville Music Sahavas that year.

The book has 4 sections:
Part 1, titled "The Journey", is a mini-book of 7 poems that I feel were Gifts from the Master...poems that made their way onto pages after a long period of what might be called "intense crushing of the ego," which somehow left me for a time in a state of Grace during which "the pen did things" (expressed things) that I generally feel are beyond "my" capacity.

Part 2, "A Boquet for the Master", contains 23 poems written over a number of years. They range from the very short "Poetry" [Poetry is the trail/of discarded wine bottles/a drunken man leaves behind/as he staggers toward the Sun.] to somewhat lengthier verse on both serious and humorous aspects of treading Meher Baba's Path of Love.

Part 3 consists of ten examples of what I refer to as "Brabazonian ghazals", most of them rhymed couplets in the manner of Baba's poet Francis' English ghazal form.

Part 4, "Prose Poems and Parables" shares seven such selections, the titles of which are: "The Factory", "Beyond the Screen to Infinity", "The Mast’s Discourse", "Journey to God, Emirates Air, Economy, 2011", "Suddenly", "Holy",  and  "Sun, World, Flower."

The cover illustration of this volume is, I feel happy to share, the tile my wife Barbara and I made together, which is now a part of the Tile Wall at the MPR in Meherabad.

You may also order the book from me personally by sending an email to: 


Toward an Interior Sun:
Awakening By a Master and the Difficult Journey Toward Discipleship (2016)
Buy for $12.95 from Amazon 

Prelude To A Wagnerian Springtime
The Incident
Summer of ‘68 
Coming Into It 
Fare To Malcolm Bliss
The Key Turned
Falling Off The Map 
Alternating Current
The Life You Save May Be Your Own
APPENDIX (Two Essays)
My 45-Year Romance With Meher Baba
Happy Re-Birthday To Me!

Preface by U.B. Hawthorne, Editor/Publisher of The Mindful Word
Foreward by Naosherwan Anzar, Editor/Publisher of GLOW INTERNATIONAL magazine

"The writings of Max Reif are courageous in spirit. They are more courageous than anything I've read it quite some time. The author bears his soul in this revealing book with brutal honesty and integrity. In doing so, he grants a tremendous lift to the spirit of the reader, guiding and helping the reader to be honest with oneself and, as Max Reif has done, take to the path of healing and love as well."
- from a review by Peter A. Piazza 
read the entire review


Buy for $15 US at Sheriar Books (email them, it's not yet on their website) or Lulu Bookstores

 The Dreamer 

The Empty Restaurant
A Myth
The Bird
The Ballad of a Warm Café
The Martyr
The Tale of Pontus Simcha
Sun, World, Flower
What the Sky Learned
The Ivory City on the Moon

from a forthcoming GLOW International review by Kathy Roberts:

"In Tales: parables, fables, visionary snippets we are again invited to join him on his journey, with his incredible illustrations highlighting each story. Reif’s observations on the transitory nature of this reality are like the cloud in “The Ballad of a Warm Café”. The more you read and take in, the more the light transforms you. Like the persistent dream we all share, these stories are ethereal. We seem to glimpse the reality hidden in Maya. These simple stories are deeper than the words on the page. They speak to us as Max’s experience and become universal in our souls."