BABA Mealtime-Yoga Self-Talk (poem)

Be present for your meals.
Remember Who they come from.
Then just be there
so you won’t miss the moment,
and  satisfied, need not overeat.

That’s all God wants right now.
Talk to your food
the way Baba told Espandiar*
to do with his cherry trees,
telling them every day
the Master wants them to bring
a huge, tasty harvest
so he’ll be able to afford
to visit Meherabad again
after so many years.

Take a moment to do that.
Make sure you mention
it’s what Baba wants.

Your food will listen.
More important, perhaps,
you will, too.

(November, 2020)
*See the story of Espandiar Vasali (who had been one of the Prem Ashram boys, but had not visited Meherabad for 35 years) in LORD MEHER: