[painting above: "Dress Your Soul in Baba" (Sept., 2020)]

Some Game You Play! (poem, below)


Some Game You play,
concealing Yourself
in this mighty dream
as everything else!

Veils of Illusion:
three worlds, seven planes—
the ordeal of bearing
duality’s pains.

Tilting at windmills;
 Some real giants, too.
Struggling through lifetimes
to get back to You

Waves of torture
and waves of rapture
alternate here in
duality’s  capture.

Say! Here’s one idea
for making it better
till  we can enjoy
Reality’s weather:

When I see Him as “the One
behind the many,”
He feels far away
and problems seem plenty;

But if He's viewed as
“the One in the many,”
 He's found everywhere
and problems? Not any!

Some Game You play!
So many lives!
So many allurements,
but only one Prize.


My Lord Meher,
O lead me through
the maze of Creation
to the Love that is You!

(Sept. 26-8, 2020)