Welcome to "Faith of an Artist"

(Writings, Paintings, Songs, etc of Max Reif)

Here I am on a cold day in northern California (San Francisco bay area). I grew up in the Midwest where below-zero weather was not unusual. Here, I'd say it never goes below 30 degrees F, and that is almost always at 4 or 5 AM.

But it feels absolutely frigid, a lot of the time!

It's something of a mystery to me. Age? Probably.

I started this website a few years back. I was getting more things published, and wanted to make them easily available. 

The Dreamweaver program with which I had previously done web design had stopped working. A friend told me about Jimdo's free sites.  I began adding anything I wanted visible either to this site or to one of my Facebook pages, and that's what I'm still doing.

If you scroll down the Site Directory to the left of this note, you'll see all kinds of things: poems, essays, stories, paintings, music videos, and a few blogs.

Lately I've been using the site a lot for "occasional writings".  I often accompany them with a photo or a painting. Then, after posting them on a few Facebook pages and emailing them to my wife, I send theem to an online list-serv I subscribe to. This platform has difficulty displaying photos, but easily displays weblinks to pages that contain photos!
Look around! There's lots to see! Many of these pages involve my spiritual Guide, Meher Baba, but there are also children's songs, images of paintings with  the Meher Baba galleries  clearly marked, and many more "mainstream" expressionist and maybe "symbolist" ones. And various curios, as well. 

And if you're what someone once referred to me as: a "Meher Baba enthusiast"...well, you'll have no problem here!

My previous website,  "What Remains Is the Essence" (REALnothings.com), remains online with many features I put my whole heart into. It won prizes, in its time.

Blessings to one and all!
xox Max
(feel free to email me with comments or questions: senseofwonder@yahoo.com )