Divine Time-Release

“Conviction is God-Realization
in disguise,” Adi K. Irani used to say.

Couple that with
“To penetrate  into the essence
of all being and significance…”

This Journey is a kind
of time-release.
“There’s a lot to God!”
a friend of mine said once.

A lot to become aware of—
new things to realize,
slowly changing you.

Slowly making you
a new person,
and then yet another one.


As all the years
of Remembrance accrue,
I begin to see
what’s inside a sentence
or Message of Yours,
and then,
what’s inside that!

I’m still praying
to learn to read
the Book of the Heart,
which You tell us holds
the key to the Mystery
of life.

But now I mostly feel safe
under Your “elephant’s foot*”—
I hope for the duration!

(Sept. 23, 2020)

* (Footnote): https://www.avatarmeherbaba.org/erics/neglect.html