I’m trying to do what Baba told
Darwin Shaw and the other men
in ’54 to do: Sahaj Dhnyan.

4 times a day—on getting up,
at noon and 5 pm and at bedtime,
briefly stop what you’re doing and
“Dress your soul in BABA!”

He didn’t explain
how to do that,
so it’s up to us!

I never had a good watch,
but now with my iphone
it’s easy to set my alarm
for noon and 5. I try

to imagine BABA coming to me
from the Beyond and holding me
or Becoming me, arriving
from within or without.

It’s different every time.
I’m kind of excited to see
how it will develop.
I remember Eruch saying
how Imagination, although false,
is an important tool
in our spiritual journey!

The most dramatic thing
I’ve ever seen myself imagine
was at a Demonstration at the UN
in New York City, just before
 the 1st Gulf War.

I had brought a big photo of BABA
and stood there amid the crowd
of around 200, many with signs,
this 1925  “Young Christ” photo
propped atop my head.

It felt right, being there.
Every now and then
someone would ask
“Who is that?”

When I would answer,
some would ask, “Why
did you bring his picture here?”
I’d say what Baba gave me to say,
I guess. I don’t remember specifics.

After awhile, I began to think,
“I want to see BABA, too!”
I decided, “The photo needs
to stay where it is, but I
can picture Him in my mind!”

When I did, I was not prepared
for the picture that came!
In my imagination—but not
in any way I had willed—
Baba was standing, HUGE,
in deep, dark outer space,
above and beside planet Earth,
holding a great Lantern that emitted
a mighty White Light!

And it seemed to keep our Earth
on its Path, and to provide,
 at least for the moment,
enough Light for us
to find our way!

And so I’m eager to see
how You come to me, BABA,
in this new venture each day
as I continue to imagine
“dressing my soul in You.” 

(September 13, 2020)