Christmas Day Prayer: AD 2020

Baby Jesus, today’s your birthday,
But you’re always being born, aren’t you?

Whether  you’re born today, tomorrow,
Or forever: be born within my heart!

My heart is the place where
Your birth needs to take place.

As a man, you said “The whole Creation groaneth!”
You were speaking about my heart.

Francis of Assisi built from wood and clay
The very first Nativity Crèche

But the Miracle only occurred
When he saw the birth take place—

A birth than can only be seen
With the eyes of the heart!

Oh, God, if we could all
See with the eyes of the Heart,

Peace would be a given!
Is there any other way?

m.r. 12/25/2020
painting: "Nativity", 1767 by Jean-Baptiste Marie Pierre