Morning Prayer, Oct. 3, 2020

In these dark times
Help me to stay alive in Spirit
reading the Book of the Heart.
Help me to nourish the spark of Your Love
with my every breath, in the nest of my longing
within the intimate tinder-box of my heart.

In spite of the smoke in our air
and the chaos threatening our nation,
may sanity prevail as I continue
to remember You  and rely entirely upon You.
You are the Breath of my breath and the source of all Love,
all that makes life worth living!

Though dark clouds gather,
my heart of hearts is Your Sanctuary, a refuge
of the Light that created and sustains us
that we can always draw upon
and that will never destroy our true Essence,
which is and always will be Love.

Oh, Beloved BABA, may Your Wish and Will
always be done in me and by me.
May I ever be an instrument of Your Love,
Peace, Beauty, Sanity, Truth, Creativity, Joy—
and Your cleansing, ringing Laughter as well!

The more appearances may seem to deny the truth of Love,
the more may Your Beacon shine in my heart!
Bless us all with Your divine gift of Patience,
until the Dawn of Revealed Love and Beauty
 floods our world!

- Walnut Creek, CA USA, Oct. 3, 2020
photo taken in Nevada/Utah desert, summer of 2019