Music Videos from the CD, LOVE'S RIVER

Songs by Max Reif, Production by Cliff Hackford, Video by Meher Bheem (lyrics to Gujerati Arti by Meher Baba) *

[Note: to play the 7 videos below: the printed TITLES (not  the pictures) are the hyperlinks to click.]

"Meher Baba Blues", a uniquely quirky song. "Happiest blues song I've ever heard!" 

"20th Century Boy" (a spiritual autobiography in song) 

"Sweet Intoxication" (w guitar solos by John Ware) 

"Love's River"  (Title song of the album)

Mercy's Ladder  (a song about Meher Baba's Mercy)

Meher, Lord of Every Realm (brief biography of Baba, in song)

Gujerati Arti  (His great Poem-Prayer in English, in song)

*Videos appear here in reverse order of their production and public release.

More Videos are on the way!

LOVE'S RIVER is available as a CD from Sheriar Books Online.

As a Digital Album, it is available from Amazon, Itunes, or Apple Music.