(poem is below picture)

In the City of God
all roads lead to God.
Each instant is a crossroads
of divine possibility.

At the plaza of the eternal present,
the avenue of memory
flows inscrutably into
the boulevard of progressive revelation.
Everywhere, platonic forms
go by in search of bread
or omnipotence.
The city is a perfect mandala.
Its radiant pathways
channel divine
activity every direction.

We stopped erecting shrines
the day we recognized
the city itself is a shrine.

Picture: "City/Self Mandala", painted 1989

NOTES: I wrote this poem around 2000. An imaginative/intuitive stretch, it seemed too "far out" to share publicly. But the other day I was reading MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS by Dr. Carl Jung and colleagues, and I read that many cities in history actually have been laid out as divine mandalas.
Furthermore, the text said, the city of Jerusalem was originally laid out "without Temples" (see the last stanza of the poem), for the simple reason that God is already everywhere!