It happens when I’m walking
my coffee cup
back into the kitchen.

Thinking “Baba, Baba, Baba,”
I notice some other thoughts
residing naturally in my mind,
and realize they’re the answer
to a problem I’ve contemplating
for weeks.

That’s the way
it usually happens,
at odd moments,
when I’m not looking.

You’re like a farmer, Beloved,
walking the furrows
of our minds,
sowing Your seeds
and letting them germinate
in Your Time.

Each will grow
into itself
with proper care.
Some into redwoods,
some into potatoes.

I have prayed
about this matter,
written “letters to God”
in my notebook,

but there was always
a tall brick wall
blocking the way
until this morning.

I love the way
this happens, quietly,
early in the morning.
“Those who seek Me early
will find Me,” the Bible says.

What an amazing
Beloved we have!

photo: "Gestation," 2017