Everyone wants to know where You’ve hidden Your book,
And no one knows what is in it; but I know both of these things.

You have hidden it beneath the veils of the world’s—and my own—ignorance.
Your book is the Book of the Heart, which holds the key to the Mystery of Life.

The book resides in Your Silence, along with all things that are real.
Only this book will actually reveal You as You are.

All Your words point the way to Your Silence. Your Infinite Mercy
leads You to speak to us even in the “dead language” of the mind.

Your Words spread like cleansing rain, appeasing intellectual convulsions,
preparing us to enter the Realm of the Heart.

God can be known “only by bringing the unconscious into consciousness,” You tell us.
“There is no within or without. Reality pervades,” You say.

I don’t know how to effect these radical transformations.
Again, You come to the rescue: “Trying leads to Grace.”

I will continue to try, BABA. I will continue to try
Until Your Grace descends. 


1st quote/paraphrase, GOD TO MAN AND MAN TO GOD, edited by Charles Purdom, p. 234
2nd quote, Meher Baba to a reporter in Australia, 1956.
digital image: via and then digitally altered by adding heart