Meher Baba-Inspired Writings


Because I see Meher Baba as God, EVERY writing, from my point of view, involves Him at least implicitly. That said, I feel there is good reason to compile a separate page of writings which relate to Baba more or less EXplicitly, in part or in whole. This will entail some duplication of links. There's simply no foolproof way to design a site which may draw two different audiences!



How I Came to Meher Baba (a very brief account)

Because readers will likely be curious how "all this Meher Baba stuff" began, I'm including the very brief account I wrote on my website tracing the event from my first hearing of the name "Meher Baba". The culmination came two years later, when a totally unexpected epiphany while visiting an old college friend in his advertising office in downtown Chicago led to a rather sudden revelation that has radically altered my life ever since.


Read Meher Baba and Me: A Story of Awakening
(This page also includes links to website with basic factual information about Meher Baba)




Pilgrimage to Meher Baba, 2011 (a web essay in photos and words)

I recently received a letter written by a friend at the Meher Pilgrim Center (MPR) in Meherabad, India, thanking me for helping him get there after many years, via this photo/poetry/description essay from my website. His loving letter led me to include it here.

Pilgrimage to Meher Baba, 2011 





"Christ for Beginners: Becoming Aware of the God in All Things" (essay from THE MINDFUL WORD)


How great has been the distance  between my reformed Jewish upbringing, in which word "Christ" was absolutely verboten, and my now-longtime relationship with Meher Baba, whom recognize as the Christ of our own age! On the way, how many spiritual adventures!


Read "Christ for Beginners: Becoming Aware of the God in All Things"





Remembering Jal S. Irani, Meher Baba's Brother

A reminiscence of time spent with this memorable Disciple and brother of the Avatar in Pune, India. Published on the "Remembrances" website devoted to Meher Baba and His lovers.


Read Remembering Jal S. Irani, Meher Baba's Brother





Excerpts from Journey from here to HERE (poetry, from THE MINDFUL WORD)

not a review, but excerpts from my book of poems for Meher Baba, with THE MINDFUL WORD's re-telling of my coming-to-Baba story as an intro.

Read Excerpts from Journey from here to HERE





"Fare to Malcolm Bliss" (short story from THE MINDFUL WORD)

A short story about a taxicab that was a Meher Baba sanctuary-on-wheels in the late 1970s, and a strange unfolding that took place in it.


read "Fare to Malcolm Bliss" 




My Parents and Meher Baba (from LOVE STREET BREEZES)

An article tracing the truly remarkable transformation over the years of my parents' initial hostility to Meher Baba, whom they'd originally seen as taking me away from them and from family values and traditions. From the very first issue of LOVE STREET BREEZES. Written just after Mother breathed her last. Dad had died nine years previously.


Read My Parents and Meher Baba 
(Note: you'll have to scroll to page 23 in this .pdf file which is the online magazine)



Assessing Forty Years (from LOVE STREET BREEZES)

Master-Poet Jalalludin Rumi said it takes forty years to "get anywhere" on the spiritual path. I'm now two years past that length of time in my attempts to follow Meher Baba, and in response to a call for "personal essays" for an envisioned book, I took a look. What I saw was a very complex picture. This piece finally appeared in LOVE STREET BREEZES in 2013.


Read Assessing Forty Years
please scroll to page 52 in the above-linked .pdf which is the online magazine)






"Becoming a Poet" (essay from THE MINDFUL WORD)

One section of this essay is a discussion entitled "Words and silence: Meher Baba and Francis Brabazon". 

Read "Becoming a Poet"




"Minstrels of His Love: 'the Meher Baba Music' in the West"

A short essay from my website, somewhat dated but still the only thing I recall ever seeing on the web about this great phenomenon!

Read "Minstrels of His Love"




"The King At the Palace": photo/essay/interview feature about a great event

The two-week run of Irwin Luck's great Baba Movie, "MEHER BABA: AVATAR OF THE AGE, THE HUMAN SIDE OF GOD" at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco in the summer of 2004. A media blitz in the movie section of the SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE and other media brought people from hundreds of miles away, sometimes not even consciously knowing why they came!

Read/See "The King At the Palace"




"A Day in the Life of a Courier" (from my website...mostly humorous)

A diary composed when I worked as a delivery guy in St. Louis and then in California, around the turn of the millenium, for a couple years. Anecdotes, some of them hilarious, and always coming back to BABA, Whom I tried to "take with me" every day!

Read "A Day in the Life of a Courier"




"Scenes from a Honeymoon" (from GLOW INTERNATIONAL, Winter 2008-9)

A reminiscence of a whirlwind week or two in NYC around the time of Baba's Birthday, 1971, shortly after I came to Baba. Using 3rd person for the autobiographical narrative, and calling the character "Malcolm" seems a little silly now.
Read "Scenes from a Honeymoon" (re-published at




"Three Stories of Baba's Name" (from LOVE STREET LAMP POST, 2008)

written upon a request for such tales, if I had any, from the coordinator of a Baba Youth Group, to share with teenagers and pre-teens.  "My best", at least in terms of what I remember:

Read "Three Stories of Baba's Name"




review of IRWIN AND THE AVATAR by Irwin Luck (from THE MINDFUL WORD)

A love story about Irwin and his brother Ed's relationship with the living Avatar while He was still in His body, and their whole family, showing Meher Baba's masterful handling of every situation! Book II continues Irwin's story with Baba NOT "in the body", yet competely Present as Love..."without His coat on", so to speak. A book in the golden tradition of the world's greatest spiritual literature! (Needs a bit of an edit for spelling and a bit of grammar, but the Jewel shines brilliantly as it is! Irwin is a wonderful storyteller, and he has a magnificent Story to tell!) I feel the book is so powerful, it will even draw those who have not yet heard of Meher Baba.

read my review of IRWIN AND THE AVATAR 





"Ladder of Renewal": a Saga in Paint and Words" (from The Mindful Word)

What do you do when you are admitted to Paradise, and after a few years you find that you don't belong? A piece, with accompanying paintings done at the time, about "leaving God to find God"--in 1997, I left Myrtle Beach, SC, where I'd lived for 6 1/2 years (my longest sojourn there, of several residencies)  in the community surrounding the Meher Spiritual Center, a 500-acre wildlife retreat on the Atlantic with cabins, visited personally by Meher Baba three times. I had longed all my adult life to be a permanent resident there.  This piece details the slow way I was (or so I feel) Led onward.

read "Ladder of Renewal"




"Name-Dropping in the Baba Community" (humor from THE WHIM)

The real truth under all our clever pretenses! Eh?

From the immortal Baba humor magazine THE WHIM, under the inspired Editorship of Mark Palmer (who defied death by hosting a Roast--of him!--from his hospital bed as he was dying of pancreatic cancer!) We love you, Mark! 


Read "Name-Dropping in the Baba Community"



"Coming to Baba" (from The Mindful Word)

subtitled "My 43-year Romance with Meher Baba"

Read    "Coming to Baba"

"Do You LOVE Poetry?" a reminiscence 

Asked this question by Kitty Davy as she presented me in 1974 with a copy of Francis Brabazon's new book IN DUST I SING, I contemplate the answer I gave then, and the one I had a chance to give recently:

read "Do You LOVE Poetry?"

"You Know a Ghazal Is a Blues Song..." on 

Personal development in relation to Meher Baba, ghazals, and the blues. Then illustrated by one of Francis Brabazon's ghazals. with an appendix, "Blues for Meher Baba" by the author. heart emoticon

Read "You Know a Ghazal Is a Blues Song..."

"TAXI MEMORIES:"  driving a cab 'with Meher Baba' (on the dashboard) in the late '70s. [from the book WELCOME TO MY WORLD compiled by Mr. Gokaran Srivistava]

Come along on a "taxi ride" and experience the joy, the "education," the breath of fresh air which was this little "traveling Sanctuary", so long ago.

read "Taxi Memories" 

"The Key Turned" (from THE MINDFUL WORD)

A story based on events in the very powerful spiritual period of the late 1970's, including the author's first pilgrimage to Meher Baba's Abode in India, and a brief but momentous first marriage.

Read "The Key Turned"

"The Well at World's End"

poem written at Meherabad, August, 2016; painting April, 2017 in USA




Long ago, thirsty,

I went looking

for a well.


I searched

a lot of places

until one day

I came upon

a small building

atop a modest hill—

a building the size of

a little room, really,

at the other end

of the world.


Inside the building

was a Well. Not

an ordinary well,

but a Well

of infinite depth;

and the thirst

its waters quenched

was not

a physical thirst.


How did I

ever come

to such a place?

I can’t even say.

Oh, I have my story;

but you know,

that’s only surface



I don’t see how anyone

could earn the right

to be here,

no matter how

much good he or she

has done.

For you see,

this Well

is brimming over with

the Waters of Life—

the Elixir

all the world

is seeking!


This water

is not even wet

in the usual way.

And yet as I sit there

and it bubbles up

incessantly from No-Place,

I find that what 

has bubbled up

is clear and bright,

all Answer and no



There's a sense

of a Someone,

a Someone of pure Light,

a Someone that everyone

longs for.


Over time, though,

my understanding

crossed some bridge,

perhaps, to

a deeper place

where I realized

this Someone

is also me—the real me,

in fact, none other

than the Self

of all selves.


What I had thought

was me

reveals itself

as a faint shadow.

No wonder

it never

felt secure!


When I sit

before the Weill

in that small

building on

the hill

and the bright

waters bubble up,

I know

I am safe

and well.

For this Pure Light

brooks no conflict.


Sitting at the Well,

I know

that the world

will be also saved, 

for this Love

dissolves confusion,

hate and fear.

And slowly

It is making

itself known.


I have no doubt

about any of this.

Love inspires

absolute conviction.


My only dilemma

is that whenever

I leave here,

I feel myself

turning into my old

self again,

and that won’t do

any more.


And so, I

am wondering

how long

I have to stay

before I can leave

this Well of wells,

knowing securely

that a portal

to these Waters

lives inside me!


This Light alone

can guide my soul,

for it is

the Soul of souls.


August 16, 2016, Meherabad

"On My Pillow"

"The River of NOW," a 2017 painting
partly inspired by this poem

On My Pillow

I sit on my pillow and look
at Your Picture.
Entering the tunnels of Your Eyes, 
I think of how as Jesus, 
You said: “I am the Door.”
I’ve thought about that a lot.
In the gross world, You are
the Door to the Beyond.
Over time, my realization has grown
that looking at Your Picture,
I am looking at REALITY—
and what is more, REALITY
is looking at me. 
You are Meher Baba,
God who in Your Compassion
took birth for us.
But as one friend 
who met You realized, 
You are even more than that—
You are the Nameless One.
Behind those pinpoints
of your Eyes’ pupils
is the timeless Beyond.
“Before Abraham was, I AM,” 
You also said as Jesus.
You are the One whose shadow
is the camera obscura*
we call the world. 
Your body, beautiful: 
Your hair, Your face,
the luster of Your Eyes—
all God. But 
as You Yourself said, 
only a coat.
I struggle to slip 
up through 
those pinholes 
in Your Eyes,
to free myself
from the coat I 
am compelled 
to wear all day—
and live eternally
in YOU.



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